After researching the breed for many years before we decided to purchase our first Presa Canario, we came across a lot of nice dogs and others who weren’t good representatives of the breed. 

There are few things that stands out the most when it comes to bad representation such as:

  1. Bullet Broken mask or absence of a black mask

  2. Bullet Rare or Exotic colors that aren’t  in the standard

  3. Bullet Docked tails or undesirable white markings

  4. Bullet Dogs with different color eyes

  5. BulletOversized dogs (too big to be functional)

  6. BulletAll white Presa’s or other disqualifying faults

The list of fault and undesirable traits goes on!!!

Research The Breed

Research The Breeder

Breeders advertise their Presa Canarios as “show quality” have little knowledge of what the standards are. They don’t show their dogs.  Other breeders advertise their dogs as “working quality” when they fail to produce dogs in the standard or fail to breed towards the standard.  The Presa should be of both correct conformation and functional. Avoid breeders (puppy peddlers) that make excuses that they don’t have time to Show their dogs & have them evaluated. Avoid breeders that breed a dog every time she goes into heat. They care nothing about the health and welfare of the dogs.

Some breeders strive to produce dogs out of standard to make their dogs bigger, produce “rare” colors, or to start there own line of bandogs. Many breeders are only producing dogs to milk every penny out of them as possible.  These breeders will breed their  dog to anything to turn a profit.  Just because a dog came out a Champion or Working line that does not mean that dog should bred. These breeders lack integrity and or knowledge.

No Excuses

Never buy for a puppy peddler that make excuses as to why they don’t show their dogs. If they don’t have time to have their dogs evaluated by a third party expert, they don’t have time to devote to a litter or breeding.


Truth Is

The truth is every dog isn’t going to be show quality.  Even the best Presa Canario will produce presa pups that are pet quality.  Good breeders use selective breeding practices such as not breeding pet quality dogs, socializing dogs, showing, and training their dogs. Also breeders should stand behind their health guarantee.

Good breeders are selective to whom they sell their puppies, just as a buyer should be selective as to whom they buy their puppy.  Reputable breeders only want their dogs placed in good homes.


Puppy Mill